Letter to Family and Friends

Whooping Cough and Babies – A Dangerous Equation

Letter to Family and Friends

Whooping cough is an especially dangerous disease for newborns, and most newborns get the disease from a family member. About half of babies younger than 12 months who become infected with whooping cough require hospitalization. Encourage those around you to be up-to-date on their DTaP or Tdap (depending on their age) and flu shot. Adapt this letter for family and friends or share on social media.

Dear Family and Friends,

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest addition and hope you can meet our baby soon. We’d love to have you visit but before you do it’s important that you’re not carrying anything that could make our baby sick.

As new parents it’s our priority to keep our baby safe and healthy – that’s why we’re requesting that only visitors that have had the flu shot and DTaP or Tdap meet our baby. Our provider told us that whooping cough is an extremely serious disease for infants, as is the flu– that’s why we’re being such sticklers.

All shots are available at doctor’s offices and pharmacies. The shot should be completed 2 weeks before hanging out with a newborn.

Thanks for your understanding – we can’t wait for you to meet our little munchkin!