Protect Your Community

Getting immunized not only protects you, it also protects your community.

Community Immunity

By vaccinating most people we can protect our entire community from diseases. Vaccinated people block diseases from spreading and act as shields, protecting unvaccinated individuals. If enough people choose not to vaccinate, it leaves an opportunity for diseases to break through and spread. A cornerstone of public health, this is also known as herd immunity.

By vaccinating most people in a community we can protect:


People Too Sick to Vaccinate

Some people can never get vaccinated – those with illnesses like leukemia and other cancers, heart problems, or even asthma can be too sick to get vaccines.

People Too Young or Too Old to Get Vaccines

Certain vaccines cannot be given to babies or the elderly because of their age.

People Not Fully Vaccinated and Those That Do Not Get Full Protection

Vaccines are not 100% effective. Some people do not gain full immunity from a vaccine or need a booster shot because protection has waned.


Community Immunity

Credit: NIAID